About us

About us

Welcome to Our Chess Paradise

Welcome to JD CHESS CLUB, where history meets strategy! With a proud heritage of organizing youth chess tournaments, supporting international school chess clubs, and offering various chess-related services, we have become instrumental in the development of youth chess in Latvia. Our offerings include exciting youth chess tournaments, collaboration with international schools, high-quality chess lessons and training, as well as innovative educational programs that surpass traditional boundaries. We are not just a chess club; we are an opportunity for change, fostering talent development and leaving a lasting impact on the chess landscape in Latvia. Join us at JD CHESS CLUB and become part of a community where history meets strategy, and every move leads to a brighter future in chess.

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Why Choose Us?

We have an amazing strategy

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Our Coaches

Passing on the Art of Chess to Generations.

Join us to immerse yourself in a rich tradition and enhance your skills in the game of chess.

Janis Daugerts

CEO & Senior Coach

Simons Sinauridze

Senior Coach

Aivars Laizāns

FIDE IA Arbiter

Your Journey To Master Chess Skills Starts Here

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